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 What is a Public Cemetery

 Public Cemetery Districts were formed in the 1920s under the Health and Safety Code to provide a place of burial at a low cost to local residents, funded by property tax assessments received from either a residence or business and governed by County appointed citizens.

At present five Trustees serve on the Temecula Cemetery Board, they are considered employees of the District and receive a small stipend for their time. Trustees are appointed by the Riverside County Board of Supervisors and have a four year term. Other Trustees have volunteered their time, some as long as 20-50 years on the Board.

The Trustees meet the third Thursday of each month going dark in December so they can spend time with their families. All meetings are open to the public; you can find our agendas posted on our website at

At present our General Manager, Cindi Beaudet has been with the District since 2004 and came with an abundance of knowledge from managing a private mortuary/cemetery and holding her State license in funeral sales. Cindi is recognized by California Association of Public Cemeteries as a "Cemetery Mentor."

Our bookkeeper (CPA) Linda Glau is an independent contractor that the District hired in 2007 to reconcile the books each month.

Our legal counsel Steve Quintanilla has been with the District since 2008, his firm Quintanilla and Associates are out of Rancho Mirage. You can often find Steve or one of his associates attending our monthly Board meetings.

Our Foreman Joe Sands, is the one that makes everything look pristine outside on the grounds, you’ll never encounter Joe without a smile or helping hand.

Our other greatest groundsman is Kyle Means, don't be afraid to go up and say hi when your'e  here visiting the cemetery.

The present Cemetery as you know it on C street was gift of public funds to the community of Temecula by Mercedes Pujol in the 1880s . As the cemetery began to fill up, the Trustees recognized the need for expansion and purchased the adjacent property in 1997.

At present, 2021 the cemetery on C street is sadly becoming depleted of burial locations, the Trustees have purchased 52 acres in wine country to develop the second cemetery. The construction of the first phase should begin spring of 2022.

The Trustees position on the Board is to set policy as well as being stewards of the community. The Trustees and General Manager attend several educational conferences each year to be kept abreast of all  the new laws that govern Special Districts. The Cemetery recently was recognized by California Special District Association with the distinguished awards of;

District of Distinction and District of Transparency, at the same time we were recognized by Proclamation from the Riverside County Board of Supervisors and the 75th assembly District of California.

The cemetery is fiscally strong and reviews their strategic plan annually for the betterment of the District.

At any time you may go on our website and view our audits, budgets, agendas and minutes, transparency is our number one position.



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