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Who is eligible for burial?

Any of the following satisfies eligibility requirements for burial in the Temecula Public Cemetery District:

  • Decedent is a resident of the District
  • Decedent is a property tax payer of the District
  • Decedent owns internment rights in Temecula Public Cemetery District*
  • Decedent is a family member of a District resident or property owner*
  • Decedent is family to a  immediate family member already interred in Temecula Public Cemetery District*

*Eligible non-resident fee MAY apply- Please check with office staff

Temecula Public Cemetery District provides burials to tax paying residents that have a Tax Rate 

Tax Rate Area (TRA) number consistent with the Riverside County Assessor’s office.

As of May 2021 the Cemetery is no longer selling burial rights for pre-planning purposes.

Please be aware that when the new cemetery location opens, and provided there is still available space at the cemetery on C St , only then will we open it back up for pre-planning. 

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